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At Ducab, we thrive on a mix of personalities and skills. We recruit people who can think and act with vision, analytical reasoning, cultural empathy, and innovative ideas. To stay up-to-date with our latest news and job opportunities, please follow us on LinkedIn.

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Working at Ducab combines an excellent work culture with highly competitive packages. We are a UAE-based, international company that is leading in its field by helping to drive innovation in the world’s energy sector.

If you are a forward-thinking individual who wants to make a positive change to our world, and are looking for a rewarding, equal-opportunity career, please get in touch today.

“I really enjoy working for Ducab as I feel trusted and respected to take ownership of the work I carry out and appreciated for the commitment I give to the company.”

Laila, Commercial Manager DMB

Job opportunities
“Ducab offers a great work environment where great advancement opportunities are available to those who want to have a long-term career plan.”

Samih, Ducab Plant Manager

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