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In 1837, William Thomas Henley laid the foundations of today’s AEI Cables. To capitalise on the increasing demand for wire covered with silk and cotton for electromagnetic apparatus, Henley converted his old lathe into a wire covering machine. This machine can still be seen today in London’s Science Museum. Soon, Henley was manufacturing and installing long lengths of telegraph cable from the city of London to Manchester and from Dublin to Belfast

As one of the world’s most respected cable companies, AEI Cables is committed to quality, safety, and service with no compromise. A diverse range of products serves a wide range of markets including fire performance, defence, rail, construction, oil and gas, and utilities.

AEI has delivered cables for prestige projects such as the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy, Crossrail, Francis Crick Building, and Sellafield Nuclear site. AEI is one hundred percent owned by Ducab.

Powering our world since 1979

From our home in the United Arab Emirates, our operations reach out to over 45 countries across the globe, providing solutions to the world’s energy sector.

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