Supporting sustainable energy

Building a sustainable future

As the world becomes more aware of long-term climate risks and opportunities, countries and businesses across the globe are adapting to a transformation of the energy sector. This switch from non-renewable energy sources like oil, natural gas, and coal to renewable energy is made possible by technological advancements and a societal push toward sustainability.

This energy transition also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through decarbonisation. Today, renewable energy sources have become a powerful and cost-effective source of electricity. As costs continue to fall and wind and solar become mainstream, the renewable energy sector will only grow.

Widespread use of electric vehicles and energy storage, coupled with better technology to improve energy efficiency, are also key drivers. At Ducab, we are committed to researching and developing new and more efficient energy solutions for our customers around the world, to help build a more sustainable tomorrow.

Powering our world since 1979

From our home in the United Arab Emirates, our operations reach out to over 45 countries across the globe, providing solutions to the world’s energy sector.

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