Don't test fate in choosing building products

The UAE has traditionally been a global marketplace with products sourced from all over. This opens competitive options for finding the best value products and materials, especially when it comes to those needed for the nation’s infrastructure projects.

However, while monetary “value” is always a consideration in sourcing these materials, quality must remain king. This is all the more important as Covid-19 reshapes global supply chains and some infrastructure players look to new alternative providers.

The quality consideration is particularly true in areas like power cabling and wiring. There is actually a huge discrepancy between market leaders and “grey market” suppliers. Unfortunately, the presence of counterfeit and uncertified cables is a global phenomenon.

Even the use of legal, but untested, cables has started to climb, as they are almost always cheaper to produce and store. Whether intentional or not, the use of counterfeit cabling products not only funds dubious businesses — it puts lives at risk. Such cables pose a threat when brought into homes, commercial buildings, infrastructure projects, and so on. Especially now that more of us are learning and working from locations that we weren’t just a few months ago, cabling and wiring must be up to the task of carrying power to those alternative locations where it’s needed most.

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